Simple App Review

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Intermittent fasting continues to gain traction as an effective eating pattern for weight loss and other aspects of health. A popular fasting app called the Simple can simplify the process.

This app combines simple food tracking, guidance, and artificial intelligence-powered support and coaching to help you stay on track on your fasting journey.

“Studies consistently show that intermittent fasting can achieve similar weight loss results to a calorie-restricted diet, and could offer another option for short-term weight loss,” says Shannan Bergtholdt, RD, a fasting expert.

We dug deeper to test the Simple app. This review covers the holistic app's details, including how it works, its features, pros and cons, and more to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Simple App


  • Doesn’t require calorie counting
  • Tracks food, hydration, movement with photos or voice
  • Neutral language about food
  • Instant feedback on meals logged
  • Nutrition scoring feature


  • Can be glitchy or sensitive to touch
  • No human coaching element
  • Past nutrition scores can be lost
  • Doesn’t accurately rate snacks
Price: $15 per month

After signing up for the app and downloading it, you start with a brief overview of the app, a tutorial on how to log your food and set your fasting schedule, and instructions on communicating with the AI-powered coach, Avo. The app is user-friendly, simple to use, and guides you to select a fasting schedule that suits your lifestyle.

While the app does allow you to track your food and water intake as well as physical activity, it doesn’t prompt you to count calories or macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein). Rather, the app takes a more neutral approach to eating, but encourages nutritious food choices by rating the nutritional profile of your meals and snacks.

“One particular feature of the Simple app that stood out to me is the neutral language around food. The nutrition analyzer promotes positive feedback and supports building a healthy relationship with food, which I find so much value in for promoting sustainable and healthy change,” says Katie Olzewski, a Chicago-based registered dietitian.

You don’t get access to a human coach, but you can chat with Avo, a chatbot that offers instant suggestions, answers questions, and provides an accountability framework. We liked being able to type in the ingredients we had at home to receive meal or snack suggestions that included the ingredients plus full cooking instructions. The app also includes a comprehensive “explore” section with guides, workout plans, recipes, and educational videos.

“A huge perk of the simple fasting app is that it uses science-based insight to help you reach your goals. It provides 24/7 access via a personal wellness assistant to help answer your nutrition questions, stay motivated, and [give] instant feedback on the meals you have logged to encourage you to make healthier choices,” says Brooke Baird, RDN, the owner of Simply Divine Nutrition.

The Simple app has a score of 4.6 on Google Play and 4.7 on Apple Play (out of 5 stars), and has thousands of positive customer reviews. Most of these reviews were positive, with customers describing the app as “very motivating” and that it “helped turn their life around.” Some customer complaints were that the nutrition score of the food was not always accurate. One complaint said the app can make assumptions about the food eaten without having all its nutritional information. Because of this, it may assign a meal an overly high or low nutrition score.

The overall score on Trustpilot is 4.1; most reviews on Trustpilot were positive, especially regarding the simplicity of use, the support, and surprisingly human-like features of the AI chatbot. The most common negative review concerns subscription cancellation. Some users said canceling was difficult and they had trouble contacting customer service.

There are no documented lawsuits on file to date. The app has a formal terms of use policy, privacy policy, and return policy that are relatively reasonable. If you want to cancel your subscription and request a refund, you have to contact customer service within 30 days of the initial purchase date and before the end of the subscription term, and need to provide evidence of tracking data performed in the app.

Why our tester, a registered dietitian, likes the app:

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to track food, hydration, exercise, and weight
  • Instant feedback on meals logged
  • Coaching support and accountability
  • Educational content, recipes, and videos available on demand
  • Measures progress and sends daily reminders

What Is the Simple App and How Does It Work?

The Simple app is an intermittent fasting and weight loss app designed to help you understand your habits and teach you how to build healthier ones.

This app is great for novice and experienced fasters who want to eat healthy but don’t want to track calories. The simple design and features help you create a fasting schedule that works for you, which can be adjusted as needed.

“Two key features stand out to me as a practitioner. First, clients have an all-encompassing app where they can track their fitness and nutrition, as well as fasting timers. Secondly, Simple offers users the flexibility to change their fasting windows during the week to correlate with the natural fluctuations in their schedules and lives,” say Bergtholdt.

The app includes accountability, motivation, meal ideas, workout plans, and education around healthy eating, exercise, and eating psychology so you can learn the impact of mood and mental health on eating behaviors.

This psychological component is essential for a health app, as most people don’t eat just out of pure hunger.

Who Is the Simple App For?

There are a few qualities and situations where you may benefit the most from using the Simple app:

  • You’re curious about fasting
  • You’re an experienced faster who wants to stay on track
  • You’re looking for an app that is easy to use
  • You want to improve your diet but don’t want to track calories
  • You want instant feedback on your meals, and support from a coach
  • You want to improve your relationship with food
  • You want one app for everything: tracking, meal and workout ideas, guidance

Of note, the app does say it’s customized for women. But many men say they’ve used it successfully, and the features appear to be applicable to both women and men.

How It Works

Once you download the Simple app, there are a few easy steps to prepare you to enjoy its benefits.

Step 1: Sign Up?To help the app identify your best plan and intermittent fasting schedule, you’ll start with a brief questionnaire asking about your:

  • Biggest health goals
  • Age
  • Height and weight
  • Current activity level
  • Typical meal schedule
  • Motivation

They also ask more specific questions on other areas you want to work on such as brain health and focus, gut health, stress management, or mindful eating.

Step 2: Customized Fasting Plan?Based on your answers, a customized path is generated with an estimated timeline to reach your goal. “[The app] also provides a reasonable timeframe of when you’ll reach your goal,” Lisa Andrews, RD, the owner of Sound Bites Nutrition. It’s important to keep in mind that this timeline is just a projection based on average users, and individual results vary.

Step 3: Walk-Through?Once your plan is created, you’ll walk through the main goals and expectations of using the app in a three-step process:

  • Become accountable. This step emphasizes the importance of a daily log for accountability and knowledge of the habits holding you back.
  • Understand. This step educates on the power of accountability and keeping track of unhealthy diet and exercise patterns so you have a starting point.
  • Learn. This step reminds you to utilize all the app's educational features and log in regularly for instant feedback.

Once you complete these three steps, you can start using the app.

Using the App

There are four icons at the bottom of the Simple app:

  1. Home: Your homepage to log food, hydration, movement, and weight. This page also shows your daily goals, fasting schedule, and weight journey.
  2. Coach: Connect to Coach Avo, the AI-powered feature where you can ask questions, search meal and snack ideas, and get instant feedback.
  3. Explore: The app’s educational hub, which includes workout plans, videos, recipes, and educational content.
  4. Progress: A bird’s-eye view of your progress so far. You can find previously logged meals, hydration, and workouts. You can also view your starting and current weight, and where you are in meeting your goals.

Customizing Settings

You can customize the app's settings including its appearance, notifications, and other fitness and health app integrations.

For notifications, all are defaulted to be on to remind you when it’s time to start and stop eating or to hydrate. It also has other reminders to weigh yourself and be notified of weight changes. You can turn any of these off or keep some activated, such as the fasting reminders, as you adjust to a new schedule.

You have the option to select your preferred measurement systems such as pounds or kilograms for weight, and feet or centimeters for height.

Best Features of the Simple App

There are four features of the Simple app that stand out.

Simple and User-Friendly

Many health apps can be cumbersome to use, making it challenging to stay consistent. This app is very simple and has a clear tutorial for each feature. This makes it easy to stay on track and continue using it long-term to reap the benefits.

Coach Avo

Avo is the app's chat feature that incorporates human and AI elements. They’re completely transparent, and the bot states that it's “trained by health experts, but can’t replace medical guidance.”

Avo chat can provide meal and snack ideas using ingredients you have, and answer questions such as, “What meals and snacks help me stay full?” or “Can I get more healthy recipe ideas?”

It can also provide the motivation and encouragement you may be looking for to keep you engaged and working toward your goals.

Photo or Voice Food Tracking

In addition to food tracking by typing, you can use photo or voice tracking. The app, which combines AI technology and expert insights, can estimate the nutrition facts of a meal from a simple photo or voice explanation.

The photo is also translated to text so you can check the accuracy of your entry before you submit it for review. This feature can be very convenient, especially when you’re on the go.

Nutrition Scores

The app assigns your food a nutrition score ranging from 1 (low quality) to 4 (optimal) based on its nutritional profile. The criteria for scoring are based on the meal’s protein, fiber, saturated fat, sodium, and calcium content.

Our Experience Testing the Simple App

I would recommend this app to my clients who want to incorporate fasting into their routines, and those who want to lose weight and improve their overall health.

“Intermittent fasting offers metabolic health and potential longevity benefits in addition to weight loss. Intermittent fasting has been associated with improvements in insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. Intermittent fasting is also associated with decreases in inflammation, which is an important factor in the development of heart disease and other chronic diseases,” says Bergtholdt.

What We Love

This app is very simple and easy to use, and it only took a few minutes to understand how it works. If you ever get stuck, the Coach Avo feature is extremely helpful for answering any questions you have about navigating the app, or your general health goals.

The Coach, Explore, and Progress features are intuitive, educational, and encouraging, and allow you to see where you are in your journey. My clients who track their progress this way tend to be more motivated because they can see how far they’ve come.

In addition, Coach Avo suggests specific ways to boost the nutrition profile of logged meals so you can make improvements next time. For example, I added a salad with chicken, and it provided suggestions to add more fiber to make the meal more filling.

“I’ve had a few clients use the Simple app. The app reduces stress for my busiest clients?who don’t want to ‘think’ about meal plans or what to eat. They also like the?accountability of using the app, and it helps keep them on track,” says Andrews.

The app also has a robust library of educational videos and blogs to answer common questions regarding diet, exercise, hydration, and mental health.

What We’d Like to See

While the Simple app is user-friendly, it’s missing a human interaction element, past nutrition scores are sometimes lost, and it doesn’t always accurately rate snacks as much as meals.

“The AI health coach technology is an exciting development, but I wonder how AI will adapt or be able to manage the nuance that many individuals need in order to make health advice practical for their lives,” says Bergtholdt.

We’d love to see a human coaching feature for enhanced personalization and guidance, as well as more of an ability for users to go back and see past nutrition scores and meals to help them make better decisions in the future.

Intermittent Fasting Schedules on the Simple App

The Simple app assigns you an initial fasting schedule based on your usual meal schedule and lifestyle that you can modify. While fasting is one of the app's primary features, it doesn’t promote fasts longer than 24 hours.

Instead, it promotes more achievable fasting times between meals, such as 12- to 16-hour fasts with 8- to 12-hour eating windows, which research suggests are often more attainable and still support weight loss.

Based on the schedule it sets for you, it will send regular reminders about when you should stop eating, and Coach Avo will provide suggestions on when to eat your meals based on your eating window.

You can follow several types of intermittent fasting schedules, but the most common is the 16:8 method.

“The most commonly studied type of intermittent fasting is 16:8, meaning an individual will fast overnight for 16 hours and eat in an 8-hour window. However, many of my clients are women and mothers and this eating window does not work for their schedules,” says Bergtholdt.

“Overall, it is essential for individuals to find a fasting schedule that supports their lifestyle, goals, preferences, and any preexisting conditions. Consult with your healthcare provider to find support for a schedule that aligns with your needs,” says Olzewski.

“The best intermittent fasting plan is one that fits your life, not the other way around,” says Bergtholdt.

Potential Downsides or Considerations

There are a few potential downsides or aspects to consider with the Simple app.

While intermittent fasting offers various benefits, it's important to note that it may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with certain medical conditions or dietary restrictions.

“Intermittent fasting may not be recommended for some individuals with diabetes, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and individuals with a history of disordered eating. Health is never a ‘one-size-fits-all,’ as some people may find it challenging to follow fasting schedules consistently,” says Olzewski.

In addition, the app provides a general overview and is not intended to replace personalized guidance. For best results, we recommend using this app under the supervision of a qualified nutrition professional such as a registered dietitian.

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Meet Our Experts

  • Lisa Andrews, RD
  • Shannan Bergtholdt, RD
  • Katie Olzewski, RDN
  • Brooke Baird, RDN

Bottom Line

Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity as an effective weight loss and health-supporting method. This Simple app review provides unique user insights from nutrition experts about this user-friendly fasting app and its features, including food tracking, personalized guidance, and AI coaching.

Overall, the Simple app can be helpful for new or experienced fasters who want to lose weight and improve their diets without calorie counting.

“I also like that this app incorporates the ‘why’ (i.e., the biggest driver) of your weight loss journey,” says Baird. “This can help keep you motivated and disciplined in practicing healthy habits.”

Although this app can be beneficial for many people, it’s not for everyone. Fasting can be challenging for those with uncontrolled diabetes, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or those with a history of eating disorders.

If you’re curious about fasting, consult a healthcare professional to see what’s best for you.


Is the Simple app free?
The free version provides basic content, while the paid version offers more motivational and personalized content. The paid version costs $15 per month for a monthly plan, $9.99 per month for a three-month plan, and less than $5 per month for an annual plan.
Is the Simple app good for weight loss?

Yes, this fasting app is easy to use and incorporates guidance, accountability, and educational components. According to their website, over 39 percent of users with high BMIs lost more than 10 percent of their body weight after a year using Simple Life.

How can I cancel the Simple app?
You can request a cancellation within 30 days of signing up or before your subscription is auto-renewed. Some user reviews complained that it was difficult to contact customer service to cancel.
What is the Simple diet plan?
The Simple app is a fasting app, so no particular diet plan is required. But the app assigns your meals a nutrition rating of low to high based on their protein, sugar, fiber, saturated fat, and calcium content.
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