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Women Diagnosed With Early Breast Cancer

‘You Can’t Do This Alone’: Accepting Help When You Have Breast Cancer

Dee was the one who kept the household running. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer, she’s learned to embrace support and redefine her value.
Women Diagnosed With Early Breast Cancer

‘There’s No Manual’: Intimacy After Breast Cancer Treatment

Dee and her husband find new ways to connect after her mastectomy and throughout chemotherapy.
breast cancer

What are Dense Breasts?

Ryland Gore, MD, explains what dense breasts are and what you should be aware of if you have them.
breast cancer

Who Should Get Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer?

Certain people should consider genetic testing to see if they are at higher risk for breast cancer. Discover why and whether you should do so.
breast cancer

Can Weight Affect Breast Cancer Risk?

Breast surgical oncologist Ryland Gore, MD, explains how weight can be a risk factor for developing breast cancer.
breast cancer

6 Things Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer Want You to Know

Women living with metastatic breast cancer highlight these key insights to keep in mind if you’ve been diagnosed.
breast cancer

8 Ways to Prepare For Your Mammogram

8 essential tips to prepare for your next mammogram.
lung cancer

Metastatic Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: 8 Tips to Manage Shortness of Breath

Learn some methods of managing shortness of breath if you have metastatic non-small cell lung cancer.

What Are The Risk Factors For Bile Duct Cancer?

Learn about the common risk factors for bile duct cancer.
prostate cancer

7 Symptoms of Advanced Prostate Cancer and How to Manage Them

Learn about the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer and discover the best ways to manage them.
colon cancer

7 Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer

Discover 7 ways to prevent colon cancer and improve your overall health.
liver cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Learn about early and late liver cancer symptoms to increase the chance of successful treatment.
lung cancer

What Are the Environmental Causes of Lung Cancer?

Learn about the environmental causes of lung cancer.
lung cancer

Understanding The Signs And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Learn about the early warning signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

A Breast Cancer Crisis in the Black Community

Caleen Allen of Sisters Network explains why describing breast cancer as a crisis for Black women is not an exaggeration — it’s a hard truth.
breast cancer

Challenging the Guidelines

Caleen Allen of Sisters Network talks about potential changes to breast cancer screening that could be especially beneficial to Black women.
breast cancer

Creating a Community That Was Needed

Karen Eubanks Jackson shares how a lack of support for Black women with breast cancer inspired her to found Sisters Network.
breast cancer

Breast Cancer in the Black Community

Karen Eubanks Jackson created Sisters Network Inc, the only national breast cancer organization dedicated to Black and African American women.
breast cancer

Difficult Conversations in the Black Community

Karen Eubanks Jackson, Sisters Network founder, identifies common emotions felt by Black women with breast cancer. Find out what they are.
breast cancer

Is a Mastectomy Always Needed When You Have Breast Cancer?

For some, a mastectomy is the only choice, but is that true in all cases? Breast surgical oncologist Ryland Gore, MD, explains.
breast cancer

Why Do Black Women Have Higher Rates of Dying From Breast Cancer?

The risk is 40 percent higher than other races and ethnicities, according to the American Cancer Society. Discover why.
breast cancer

Is the Prognosis Improving for People With Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Learn how advancements in breast cancer research may point to a more positive prognosis, with insights from Ryland Gore, MD.
Women Diagnosed With Early Breast Cancer

Talking to Kids About Mom's Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Renu was reluctant to tell her two children she had breast cancer. When she did, she found it was the right thing for them — and for her.
Women Diagnosed With Early Breast Cancer

A Not-Unexpected Breast Cancer Diagnosis: When Cancer Runs in the Family

Thanks to a deep family history of cancer, Shirley assumed she’d face the disease someday, too. What she didn’t expect: a breast cancer diagnosis when she was only 40.
Women Diagnosed With Early Breast Cancer

Learning to Put Yourself First During Breast Cancer Treatment

For someone as independent as Renu, needing help from others has been challenging, but she’s learned there’s value in putting herself first
Women Diagnosed With Early Breast Cancer

Living in a Different Body After Breast Cancer Treatment

Shirley had hoped for an “upgrade,” but her body after a double mastectomy to treat breast cancer hasn’t quite lived up to her expectations.
ovarian cancer

7 Risk Factors For Ovarian Cancer

Age, family history and genetic mutations are only a few of the risk factors for ovarian cancer.

The Three Most Common Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatment can vary depending on the cancers type and stage. These treatments are the most common across all cases.